​​ECH has a substantial experience and expertise in providing services to NGOs, local and international organisations and donors involved in international development and relief work, dedicated to strengthening civil society.

Key consulting prevalent competencies at ECH are in the field of Community Development and Empowerment, Gender Equality issues, Women Economic and Political Empowerment, Violence Against Women and SMEs. Our professional Consultancy services includes: Projects Management, Projects implementation, Researches, Statistics, Training programs implementation, Evaluation, Monitoring, Social Studies, Networking and Budgeting

Our evaluation will enable you to define your purpose, develop realistic goals, identify personnel requirements, allocate resources and set future policies and procedures. Whether it’s a pilot program or an on-going program we will work with you to provide reliable information and data to evidence the effectiveness of the program or to highlight areas for future improvement

Consultancy assignments are conducted by experienced staff members and a core group of external consultants. All of our consultants have extensive experience of working in international development.